Love is like a friendship caught on Fire.

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Yup, still sad. And angry.

It was way too short and they obviously cut out SO much. But still I shed a few tears. And even though I didn’t understand was she was saying the way SeYoung choked up hit me right in the heart. She couldn’t even look WooYoung in the eyes most of the time! And when WY told her “it’s okay” and wiped away her tears…Idk how people can call that acting. Ugh my heart.

I’ll wait for translations. I’m really curious as to what the MCs said at the end, esp cause JY was crying. She must know how they feel.

On a side note, MUST find that bench!

2young couple, fighting!

Filed under we got married park seyoung jang wooyoung I think there's really something between them I know this can't be the end for them but WY is an idol with fans he loves and adores so I'm my mind he is probably wanting to protect seyoung and keep the truth on the sleep that's my thoughts and I'm sticking to it no but really I watch seyoung on Glorious Days and he crying scenes were nothing like this this was real true raw love and emotion! also to add how strong WY acted during the last scene you could tell he hated seeing SY like that he is used to being the one who outwardly expresses himself but he showed he is the man and told SY it's okay and wiped her years I meant tears but I'm too sad to fix it oh and SY message on that bench said HONEY I LOVE YOU

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Ok it’s the next day

And I’m still kinda reeling over the fact that 2young is done on WGM. I mean where’s the wedding photoshoot? And usually the preview for the following week kinda alludes to the “last mission.” I just feel like we got jipped!

Filed under ok rant done maybe for now I'm just still sad there's still so much for them to do I hate when they use FOCUSING ON THEIR CAREERS as an excuse WGM is one day every three weeks and they show that same day for weeks sometimes four! ugh why do I watch this show seriously we got married wgm park se young jang woo young

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@fyjypnation: [INFO] Wooyoung & Park Seyoung completed their last recording for MBC We Got Married in late August. 

I’ll never understand why I keep investing my time on this show….My heart breaks every time!I can’t even believe how sad I am right now.

what about their wedding photoshoot??????


Filed under ahh heart breaks i really wanted them to last at least one year they didn't get to do all of the things I hoped for!!! like seyoung visiting him on his comeback stage more seyoung and 2pm/bro in laws time or wooyoung visiting her on GD set or woo young meeting seyoungs fan esp her niece ugh I can't