Love is like a friendship caught on Fire.

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Timing Is Everything

Timing is Everything, A Valdaya fic.ONE SHOT. Summary: Val and Zendaya share a moment after watching Foever Tango.

Disclaimer: This is fiction. Just enjoy it. =)


The show was absolutely AMAZING. Zendaya was so enchanted throughout the entire show and especially with Maks and Karina’s chemistry. Forever Tango was everything she expected and more. She was so happy she was able to watch, despite her hectic promo schedule. Her new found passion with ballroom was once again ignited and she was reminded why she feel in love it. Argentine Tango was her favorite dance after all.

It was after the show now and Sasha and Larrisa had lead them backstage. She was off to the side now standing beside her parents as they spoke to the elderly Chemrkovskiy couple. She was watching Maks and Karina taking pictures for the photographer. They were joking around with each other, Maks pretending to block Karina and get in her shot, while Karina made faces and tried to pull him back. Then Maks laughed throwing his arm around Karina and took proper pictures. Val had told Zendaya a little about their history and she couldn’t believe their dynamic now. Their chemistry was undeniable. She was enamored at how they still looked at each other and it made her wonder.

"Incredible aren’t they?"

Zendaya turns to find Val coming up behind her. She smiles and gives him a half hug with her one arm.

"Heeey, where’d you come from? And yes there were absolutely breathtaking."

Val releases her from the hug, “I’m sorry, I was so late. I just snuck in backstage during the intro.”

Zendaya laughs remembering the tweet she had seen, “Ahh explains the ticket tweet, huh?”

Val huffs loudly, “Ugh, don’t even start. I couldn’t even text you I was so mad. But I hope you guys still enjoyed the show.”

"We did. My dad even cried."

Chuckling Val shakes his head, “He would. I mean, I can’t blame him, the show is really that incredible.”

"Maks and Karina were amazing. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed seeing them dance. They are phenomenal together." Zendaya states, her admiration in her voice clear.

Both Val and Zendaya watch Maks and Karina as the rest of the cast join them to take more pictures. Zendaya could see them circling around to different cast mates but eventually end up being pulled back together again.

Zendaya turns to Val, biting her lip. Val immediately notices and knows that face that she was giving him.

"What do you want to know?" Val asks.

Zendaya is confused at first, “How did you know I wanted to ask you something?”

"Because your giving me that look you always give me when you have to ask me a question but don’t want to and you’re biting your lip. Just because I haven’t seen you in two months doesn’t mean I forgot that.”

Zendaya softens at his words. Its small things like that, things that he would say that made her realized how much she missed him. She was nervous at first to see him after two months. She was afraid outside of Dancing, that their relationship would be different or that they really wouldn’t be able to click. However, after hanging out with him and his family the past few days, she now knew that it wasn’t the case. If anything, they seemed to get along even more. The distance makes the heart grow fonder they say.

"Ok, whatever Mr. Know It All." Zendaya says giving him a funny face, "I do have a question."

"What’s that?"

Turning back to Maks and Karina she speaks softly, “Do you think they’ll ever get back together?”

Val sighs knowing that the question was coming. He had thought about that too. Val still remembers the tumultuous ending of his brother’s relationship. He remembered how heartbroken Maks was after the breakup. He remembers the awkwardness and the struggle that not only they had to go through, but also himself and his family. Despite the horrible way things had ended, the dancing couple had found a way to become friends again and Val thought of Karina as a sister. Seeing them working together again was great. At first Val wasn’t too sure it was a good idea to for them to do the Broadway show but after watching them rehearse he knew it was something they had to do. He couldn’t deny seeing them like that, in that type of position was a little nerve racking but he was happy to see them in that type of dynamic again.

Zendaya isn’t sure how to take Val’s silence. “I’m sorry, maybe that was a little too personal.”

Val shakes his head, “Oh, No not at all. You’re fam, Daya. I would want to know too if I were you but I’m just not sure how to answer your question.”

Zendaya sighs inwardly, glad that she didn’t overstep her boundaries. “Do you want them to get back together? I mean you have you to admit they are pretty amazing together, everyone could see their chemistry.”

Val nods, “They are but there’s a lot of history there, remember?”

"Ok well besides that, what do you think?" Zendaya asks curious at how Val feels about them.

"I love them both, you know? They definitely have a good relationship right now though, why ruin that?" He says seriously, "I mean I’ve always said timing is everything, right? In dance, in life, in anything timing is important."

Zendaya remembers hearing him say this during their weeks on Dancing. Val was all about his “sayings.”

"Yes, timing is everything." Zendaya answers repeating his sentiments.

"Right so as of now they are in a good place. Friends. They obviously connect on a different level and there’s is something there but I just don’t think it’s the right time.”

Zendaya lets his words sink in. As hard as she tried not to think about it, his words hit closer to home than she would like. She turns her head to stare at Val, to see if he had even realized what he had said. She wasn’t kidding herself anymore. She knew the minute they reunited that their feelings were so much more.

"Will it…ever be the right time?” She asks quietly.

The tone of her voice surprises Val and he can’t help but look at her face. He tries not to let it show but he can tell they’re no longer talking about Maks and Karina. This thing that was happening between them was undeniable, but it was also unspoken. They hadn’t defined it, hell they barely even talked about it. The only thing that was sure was that each other’s presence in each other’s lives was necessary and wanted. Val wanted to say something to calm their fears about this but they both knew where they stood.

"I don’t know." Val answers softly, catching the look in Zendaya’s eyes, "I’d like to hope so. Who knows exactly when that right time is but you don’t just let something like that go, not something as special as that."

Staring into his eyes, Zendaya gives him a small albeit sad and understanding smile. Her eyes get just a little bit misty but she pushes that aside and grins a little wider at him. She’s going to treasure their moments now and not worry about the future.

Before Zendaya can answer, Maks calls out to them. “Yo Z, Val! come take pictures with us!”

Val looks at Zendaya to check to see if she was good. She nods an okay at him as he throws an arm around her shoulders, as she slips hers around his waist. He kisses her temple and leads her over to where Maks and Karina are.

"We gonna be good the rest of our lives you know that right?" Val whispers into her ear as they get closer. "There’s no getting rid of this fam anytime soon."

Zendaya laughs dropping her head on his shoulder for a quick second, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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